What is a Segregated Cell Company?

A Segregated Cell Company is a form of International Business Company (an IBC) containing assets and liabilities that are legally separated from the assets and liabilities of the Company™ general account and also the other segregated cell accounts.

It is a single legal entity created with the purpose of:

  • Separating and safeguarding the assets and liabilities of the Company
  • Separating the assets and liabilities of any other segregated cell of the Company

A segregated cell Company can create other segregated cells€™. Each cell must be identified with the following words Segregated Cell and does not constitute a legal entity separate from the Company but, within it, the assets and liabilities are safeguarded within the cell€. Typical uses can include placing physical properties or certain investments in a particular cell: this ring  fences those specific assets from the liabilities in other cells as well as in the Company generally.