St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) Limited Liability Company

What is an SVG Limited Liability Company?

St Vincent and the Grenadines Limited Liability Companies Act 2008 governs the formation of Limited Liability Companies in SVG. LLC's are structured to provide their members with both limited liability and rights and liabilities to income and for losses, it clearly creates an economic interest which may be transferred separately from membership interest. In return for their contributions, members get to own an assignable interest in the LLC.

The limited liability company has the strongest asset protection structure; it offers limited liability to the owners of a business. The LLC is governed by an Operating Agreement where manager and members are assigned interest in the company. There are neither directors nor shareholders. In SVG the Act provides for a Single LLC to be formed or Series LLCs

What is a Series Limited Liability Company (LLC)?

One of the most innovative and unique features of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Limited Liability Companies Act 2008 is the introduction of the Series LLC.

The Series LLC permits a single limited liability company to own multiple subsidiary LLC's each of which owns a single asset business. This LLC can establish a "Series" or units under the same LLC umbrella. Each Series, company or unit has a separate purpose and those members have different rights, powers, privileges and duties.

Each unit of Series LLC can own distinct assets, incur separate liabilities and are composed of different managers and members. However, a Series LLC pays one filing fee and files one income tax return for each year. From an administrative viewpoint this offers convenience, time and costs savings.

Any liability of one LLC under the Series does not pass to, jeopardize or affect assets formed under another subsidiary unit within the Series. In theory, this offers a superior and more economical asset protection all under one company.

This new legislation which incorporates new and unique features such as the Series LLC offers greater benefits to a new investor such as tax flexibility, choice of investment structure, versatility or less exposure to legal liability.


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