• Loyal Agency and Trust Corp

    Loyal Agency and Trust Corp. (LATC) Loyal Agency and Trust Corp. is a company operating in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, West Indies, since 16th March 2010. LATC is exclusively dedicated to serving the needs of international clinets who require world – class standards of speed, quality of execution and international reach.

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  • International Business Company (IBC)

    An IBC is a legal corporate entity providing the benefits of corporate ownership of assets etc. It is suitable for almost any international business activity. A St. Vincent IBC is a simple corporate structure established under straightforward laws, which themselves are based on the well - established and legally tested IBC laws of the British Virgin Islands ( BVI ).

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  • St. Vincent and the Grenadines

    Loyal Agency & Trust

    St. Vincent and the Grenadines, is an independent state in the south-eastern Caribbean Sea, consisting of the island of St Vincent and the 32 northernmost islands. For the international client, whether corporate or private, St. Vincent offers a politically stable, secure and modern environment in which to do business.


    International Trust

    A Trust is an agreement under which money or other valuable assets are owned and managed by one person (or company) for the benefit of another.

    Many different types of Trust may be created to accomplish specific goals. Each kind may vary in the degree of flexibility and control it offers.


    Shelf Company

    A company that has fulfilled all requirements for legal registration, but is not active or trading.

    A shelf company may be bought by anyone to bypass the lengthy registration or incorporation process.




2013-06-21, 10:39
LATC offers some of the best structures available anywhere under one roof at a reasonable price.
2014-02-11, 06:21
Thank you for your practical, high-values and price-effective offering.